Oranization diagram

 Organization structure

A/ Board of Management:
1.    Mr. Truong Minh Hoang : Chairman
2.    Mr. Nguyen Vinh Phu : Vice Chairman
3.    Mr. Le Hoang Phi : Member
4.    Mr. Le Anh Hoan : Member
5.    Mr. Ngo Van Trung : Member
B/ Board of Supervisors:
1.    Mr. Cao Minh Trung : Chief Supervisor
2.    Mr. Mai Quoc Viet : Supervisor
3.    Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai : Supervisor
C/ Organization Chart: 
1.    Board of Directors:

Full Name Position Year of Birth Degree Profession Time of joining
Mr.Truong Minh Hoang General Director 1961 Master Construction Engineer 03/1983
Mr. Nguyen Vinh Phu Assistant to General Director 1967   Construction Engineer 07/2005


2.    Departments: 

Full Name Position Department Year of birth Profession Time of joining
Mr.Pham Hoang Ngoc Manager of Construction Dept Construction Dept 1959 Architect 08/1985
Mr.Pham Ngoc Tinh Project Manager Specialized 1967 College of Construction 03/1995
Mr.Pham Dinh Ba Manager Designing Dept 1960
Mr.Nguyen Thanh Hai Deputy Manager Designing Dept 1968 Architect 11/1995
Ms.Nguyen Thi Anh Thu Manager Administration Dept 1962 Bachelor of Economics 11/2010
Ms.Nguyen Ngoc Tuyet Hoa Deputy Manager Administration Dept 1978 Bachelor of Science 11/2009
Mr.Tran Thanh Xuan Manager of Tendering Dept Tendering Dept 1978
Mr.Nguyen The Truyen Deputy Manager of Contruction Dept Contruction Dept 1955
Ms.Duong Vu Lan Huong Deputy Manager of Tendering Dept Tendering Dept 1979 Civil Engineer 07/2002
Mr.Le Hoang Phi
Manager Chief Accountant
Finance & Materials Dept. 1973 College of Economics 10/1995
Mr.Phan Trong Thien Deputy Manager Finance & Materials Dept. 1967